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6 Website to Enrich Your English VOCABULARY

The first thing that anybody should focus on in learning any language is the VOCABULARY. nobody will be able to use the language if they don't understand the words. there are many resources that you can use to enrich your English Vocabulary.
Here are 4 website that can help you expand your library of English words.


If you are hell bent on acing college tests like ACT,SAT,GMAT,GRE etc; try out VOCABSUSHI and its bite-size learning method. you can test where you stand with a 20 question Vocabsushi demo quize right on the front page. pick a test from the dropdown and have a go at it. vocabsushi is a superbly designed site with tools like MP3 clips (for pronunciations).

-WordThink( does not believe in learning new words just for the sake of learning. it skips the more complicated words and foes in for words that you might use in your daily conversations. you might not find a word like eleemosynary here, but the site might show you benevolent instead. WordThink sources the words from media and news.

-Vocab Vitamins(

The vocabulary learning tool gives you does of 'verbal supplements' daily in the mail and also on the site. the word of the day is also arranged around a central theme. for instance, the word 'doldrums' belongs to the week's theme-'How's the weather?'


From cartoons to videos, visual learning is the new mantra and it seems it's no different for dictionaries. Wordia functions like a regular dictionary but instead of text definitions, you get to see videos explaining the usage of a word. video axplanation seem more thorough and easier to grasp than textual definitions. every day you can test yourself with vocabulary (, the Wordia game.


for sure you're familiar with these couples, friends, siblings, and even life-time foes who have made our entertainment world more colorful. some of them are newcomers, while the others has been around for more than 50 YEARS!WOOW.. they have one thing in common: either partner is OK by him/herself, but they're better than together. here they are from the most senior to the most junior!!

Mickey mouse and Minnie moouse

In 1928, these cartoon characters were sreated by Walt Disney and Ub Werks as Michael mouse and Minerva mouse before they got their short names MICKEY and MINNIE. Walt Disney was the first person to voice MICKEY!oooh

Tom and Jerry

This NEVER-ENDING RIVALY between a cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry) was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. they launched this home movie back in 1940, it got several awords, including seven Academy Awards for Animated Short Movie. this cat-and-mouse team was also recognized as one pf the longlast-living rivals. tom and jerry inpired Itchy and Scratchy, a TV series in The Simpsons.

Ipin and Upin

This popular Malaysia animated television series which began airing in 2007. a production of Les'Copaque Production, this series features the life and adventures of the twin brothers Upin and Ipin, whose parents have passed away and who live with their elder sister, Ros and their grandma. every people depicts Ipin and Upin's adventures in Kampung Durian Runtuhh.

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

If you're a fan of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series, whether it's the books or the movies, the names Edward(a vampire) and Bella(a human) must ring a bell. yuup, the couple that was created in 2005 can really attract many people's attention.

Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Spice up your notes

SCHOOL is in session and your notebooks are filling up with academic info from your teachers. make them visually attractive with a few simple tricks!

-Cool cover-

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but perhaps a colorful, fun cover will encourage you to read your notes more.


Write the name of chapters in large letters. These eye-catching tittles will stand out, making it easier for you find the lesson that you need.

-Rainbow on paper-

Don't be afraid to use color pens, pencil or markers. you can make your writing pop out with a little bit of color. make sure you don't overdo it!


Write down the conclusion of the lesson or several significant facts in little box at the bottom or on the side of your notes.

To makes sure,try it!:)

Make n' munch n,n


Bring a little taste of Sweden into your kitchen with these scrumptious chocolate balls! they are quick and easy to prepare!


100 gr butter
150 gr sugar
2 tbsp cacao
1 tbsp coffee
400 gr oatmeal

*tbsp=table spoon


- Mix butter and sugar using mixer until the bitter is soft.Use normal temperature butter.

- Add cacao,coffee,and oatmeal, then mix throghly.

- Take a spoon of the mix and hand-roll them into small balls.

- Roll the balls in sharedded coconut or pearl sugar. another option is to dip them in melted chocolate and decorate with sprinkles.

- put in freezer at least an hour

Chockladboll are ready! :) yumyummm


No human can live without eating-that's for sure. But how people eat varies from plce to place. What is common thing to do in a place or a country, SOMETIMES, is considered weird in other!


In restaurants in France, asking a chef for ketchup would be an insult -it means you don't like the food. if you really like the food, you may compliment the chef.


Hanging out with friends is a common thing in there. in Kuwait, you're not supposed to eat at the same table with a member of the opposite sex in public unless they are family. this is disrespectful and rude in their culture and will probably get the offenders escorted out. well, not only in Kuwait, this rule is also applied in some Arab other countries.


It is rude to show up early at dinner; try to be 15-30 minutes later than expected. when eating on a mat or carpet, do not expons the sole of your feet, it is considered very rude.


Slurping your food in front of the others is a no-no here in Indonesia. but if you do it Japan, it means that you compliment the chief on a delicious meal. it means you like your food so much, you can't wait to get into your mouth.

Street Grub yummmy...


Imagine layers of pastry filled eith grated apple, sugar, breadcrumbs, cinnamon and raisins, topped with vanila sauce or ice cream, served whila still piping hot with a cup of Viennese coffe. Apfelstrudel is an Austrian traditional recipe that can be found in most coffe houses in Vienna.

Bubble Tea

You can find this drink in most shopping centers in Indonesia, but do you know where it originated?
Boba milk tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s but was obscure until it was featured in a Japanese TV show in the 1990s. it contains tea, fruit/fruit syrup, milk and tapioca called boba.
the ingredients are then shaken to mix them, creating forth on top of the mix, which is why it also called bubble te!


If you visit Peru, don't forget to try ceviche. raw fish or fish-shrimp mix are cut into bite-size pieces, mixed with lime juice, then left to sit for about an hour. after that, chili, onion, celery and black pepper are added to the marinated fish morsels, and the dish is redy to serve. yummy..


Ice cream usually melts quickly, but not dondurma, a Turkih ice cream dish.

A dondurma vendor usually performs LITTLE TRICKS for a costumer.One such tricks is the disappering dondurma..haha :D

People said about MUSIC!

There is no day without music. you hear it, sing it, play it, and compose it. without it, the world would seem so bland. thesee famous personalities seem to agree. get a load of what they say about music! -annisa-

"If i were not a physicist, i would probably be a musician. i often thing in MUSIC. i live my daydreams in music. i see my life in terms of music... i get most joy in life out of music" -Albert Einstein-

"MUSIC is a moral law. it gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything" -Plato-

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. but MUSICIANS paimt their pictures on silence" -Leopold Stokowski-

"Music is the language of the spirit. it opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife" -Kahlil Gibran-

"WHHERE words fail, MUSIC speaks!" -Hans Christian Andersen-